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Dr. Donald Wong
VP Drug Development
British Canadian BioSciences Corporation


"Quality, Service, and Price"


We had worked with Brian on our patent portfolio and other intellectual property related matters for several years.  Although his main mandate is in the management of our large biotech patent portfolio, we can always trust him to assist in the negotiation of a variety of IP related agreements, and serve as our counsel and legal representative for all of our intellectual property needs.   We used to engage Brian as well as a separate Canadian Counsel but subsequently decided to consolidate all files with Brian because of his prompt responses and attention to our needs.  He is very sensitive to our time and cost constraints.  We can depend on him to send us an acknowledgement or a response to our queries within minutes or hours.  He is also very helpful in keeping costs down in these challenging economic times.  Recently, our company valuation was assessed.  The large number of patents issued by Brian and his focus on building value in the company rather than merely handling our intellectual property contributed greatly to our overall valuation.  Of equal importance, our patent portfolio has been managed with such care and precision by Brian that even under the closest of scrutiny, the portfolio held up under all due diligence analyses.  We highly recommend Brian to companies that are looking for a top tier patent attorney, at reasonable prices, that can handle the full breadth of technology legal services.


Christopher R. Brown
VP, R&D, Immunetech, Inc.


"Fast and Effective"


We were referred to Brian through another attorney that we trust. Brian turned out to be a saving grace for our patent portfolio, a very important aspect of our business. Brian was fast and effective. After over 7 years of disappointment in the filing of multiple patents and the pursuit of some valuable patent claims, as well as the large amounts of funding invested in a technology to bring to market, we were desperate and decided to find a second opinion regarding the investment in patent protection. Brian quickly reviewed our entire portfolio and got our claims allowed in only 26 days from the first time we met! We immediately transferred all of our patent and trademark work to Brian and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a patent attorney, especially with regard to complex biotechnology patents.


Steve Staal
Founder& President of Amp'd PC Technologies, Inc.

"Extremely Knowledgeable, Exceeded All Expectations"


The value of what Syndicated Law provided our new technology company far exceeded all expectations. Patent attorney Dr. Brian S. Boyer, PhD/Esq is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with! He and his team of professionals brilliantly encompassed every important element of my company's entire product line with an amazing 15,000 word/20 claim utility patent, which was immediately approved by the USPTO. As it regards to complex technology patents, my company highly recommends Syndicated Law to anyone interested in doing it right the first time.


Marc Imbert
Founder & MC, MDIUSA


"I have met Brian through the US Angels Investors Group. What I really like about Brian is his down-to-earth approach to solving issues and the wide scope of his training and views of the world. Great Professional. Look him up!"

Basil Fthenakis
Corporate and Litigation Attorney


"Brian knows how to get the job done both strategically and efficiently for the emerging company."

Curt Ward
Serial CEO and Operations Executive with deep techincal and business skills in Solar, FPD, IC and Optics manufacturing


"Great Results, Personable, High Integrity"


In an Attorney the top 3 things I look for is the ability to understand my issues and pull the right resources in to provide me with options, high integrity and trust and responsive and clear communicator. Brian is all that and more. Attorney's are always supposed to put the client first and Brian walks the talk on this issue in a big way!! He is a good person and a good Attorney, (and I know that is sometimes hard to say) but in this case it is very true.


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