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Our Firm

Let us be your legal point man, helping you spot and solve a variety of business legal issues. Acquire valuable property, avoid infringement, identify infringers, resolve disputes and close deals with help from SYNDICATED LAW. We perform due diligence, evaluate competitor portfolios, and provide client counseling to those interested in putting their portfolios to work.

Technical Fields Include:

• Chemistry          
• Pharmaceuticals
• Biotechnology
• Drug Delivery
• Medical Devices
• Materials
• Mechanical Devices
• Processes
• Software
• Hardware
• Information Technologies

Patent Preparation and Prosecution:

• Identifying the Invention...
• Identifying the Innovation...
• Identifying the Return on Investment!

-Your Legal Point Man-

• Counsel to help identify business legal issues and paths to solutions
• Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets
• Transactions
• Dispute Resolution
• Venture Counseling
• Team Building

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