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The times are changing in the marketplace and clients are simply demanding efficient legal services.  SYNDICATED LAW is your alternative to the confines of the high overhead associated with larger law firm practices.  We offer a highly cooperative network of professionals that has been developed and nurtured through the longstanding and time-honored business practices of mutual respect, responsiveness, and cooperation.

At SYNDICATED LAW, we want to be your legal point man.  Backed by several years of experience, our trusted legal network integrates complementary and efficient legal services that address the changing needs of our clients by spotting issues, bringing them to the forefront and, if we are not suited to address any particular issue, we will help you locate a trusted legal advisor within our well-established and growing network of trusted professionals.


Protect patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and close deals.  Stake-out your market by patenting your new invention or innovation!!  We urge you to use the exceptional legal services offered by SYNDICATED LAW. We develop IP portfolios for companies of all sizes and identify tiers of return on your investment as part of your business strategy.



Intellectual Property Counseling and Strategy
We respond to client's needs by building a highly functional and efficient legal practice through the platform of SYNDICATED LAW and its broad and growing network of complementary service providers. We understand the nuances of counseling and are here to assist in the emergence of your company.


Intellectual Property Procurement, Assertion, Defense & Transactions
Acquire valuable property, avoid infringement, identify infringers, resolve disputes and close deals with help from SYNDICATED LAW. We perform due diligence, evaluate competitor portfolios, and provide client counseling to those interested in putting their portfolios to work.


Voted as Rising Star by "California Super Lawyers" consecutive years. Only 5% of the lawyers in the state are named by Super Lawyers, and no more than 2.5% of lawyers are selected Rising Stars.


Intellectual Property Monetization
Acquire, sell, and license intellectual property with assistance from SYNDICATED LAW. Our professionals handle a wide variety of business contracts. Call (650) 556-1945 now to get the service you deserve.


Syndicated Law, PC

A California Corporation 
Office: (650) 556-1945

"We accept all major credit cards"
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